Here are some images of the layout! CLICK THE IMAGE TO GET AN ENLARGED VERSION!!!!

Main Street in town.

Looking past the edge of town to the cliffs along the west side of the layout.

Looking north into the layout. The hill at lower left is removable.

There is even a graveyard, complete with mausoleums and tiny painted gravestones!

Looking over the rock towards the town.

The farm with the lake beyond and the mountain in the distance.

The swamp sits in the middle of the most complex area of track convergence in the layout.

Looking past the farmhouse across the pond to the mountain beyond. The pond and rocky hill to its left are actually on two removable panels.

The peninsula.

The track from the peninsula re-enters the main layout under this tunnel.

The view from the north side of the layout.

Several cabins dot the top of the mountain.

The three tunnel portals and cliffs at the back of the mountain.

The paper coal shacks on top of the hill on the west side of town.

Waterfall and covered bridge!!!!

A little vignette in town.


Here are all the extras you get!!!! CLICK THE IMAGE TO GET AN ENLARGED VERSION!!!!

Here is a video that takes you through the layout at train level!!!!