January 5th: Beacon Spillway and Main Street

So I was trying to figure out what I was going to shoot all day. I was busy all day and it was raining so I held off taking photos until 7 PM. Now, usually, that is the time I settle in on the couch for an evening of watching TV. But this evening I got in my car and headed across the Hudson to Beacon. I stopped on Main Street to get light trails. This required patience as there were very few cars out for a Saturday night. So I waited until I saw a car coming from behind me and started the 25-second exposure just before the car entered my field of view. Sometimes a car came from around the corner in front of me so I could get two trails, one white and one red. I got one exposure where that happened from each of the two vantage points I set myself up at. Then I headed to the end of Main Street and parked by the abandoned rail tracks and walked to the spillway. Got some nice long-term exposures and then walked around to the bridge and snagged a couple of the Fishkill Creek rushing past the Roundhouse illuminated from the side of the raging creek.