January 3rd: Breakneck Ridge Light Trails

So I crossed the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge and headed south on Rt. 9D towards Cold Spring. I stopped at the little parking area near the Breakneck Ridge train “station”. The station consists of two wooden platforms along the north and southbound tracks with no warning on the lower part of the platform that if you stand there you will die. Instead of crossing the bridge I hooked along the trail to the right, up and above the tracks, to a viewing platform. Looking southwest you have a beautiful view of Storm King Mountain and to the northwest is Bannerman Island with its blasted remnants of the explosives depot castle. Here I set up my tripod and set it for a long exposure as I was looking to capture light trails and it was after sunset on a cloudy day. Pointing southwest, I captured a northbound train and, surprisingly, a southbound train passed it right in the field of view of the shot,. Nice treat. Looking north I captured a southbound train during a 1-minute test exposure with Bannerman Island in the distance. Perfect! I packed up and drove a mile further south on 9D through the tunnel under Breakneck Ridge. I parked in the restaurant parking lot just past the other side of the tunnel. The restaurant was closed so parking wasn’t an issue. I walked along the road on the well-worn path and set up about fifty feet away from the tunnel. I took some close-up 25-second exposure light trail shots and then tried wide angle to capture the line of the rocks above. I wasn’t sure they would show up but when I got home and loaded them up in Lightroom…well, you can see the results here.